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Full Version: OT: Looking for 'ENTER' book
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Hello all. I'm certain you're familiar with the book released during the time of the 10 series (early-to mid 80s) called 'Enter' by (I think the author's name is) W. A. C. Mier-Jedrzejowic. Blue cover of a 10 series calc faded into the background but the ENTER key is in full view. Do you know where I can get a copy of this book? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Matt Agajanian

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Author: Jean-Daniel Dodin. Multiple copies available at used.addall.com.

Thanks for correcting my author's name. Geesh! I was WAY off!! Thanks for helping me find it, too! I just order it! Cool recommendation for a book resource.

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I also found it just now but have never heard of this book. Is it a valuable resource? Seems more like a basic primer (from the title) on RPN rather than an advanced reference manual. What are the contents and why would you recommend it to the members of the forum?

Jeff Kearns

Amazon's marketplace also has a few copies, some shipping internationally.

- Pauli

ENTER (Reverse Polish Notation Made Easy), J. Daniel Dodin, translated from the French by Mary-Denise Dodin, Revised and Expanded by Keith Jarrett. Copyright 1984 SYNTHETIX and Editions du Cagire.


This book is especially for owners of Series 10 HP calculators, including the HP-10C, 11C, 12C, 15C, and 16C. It is designed to help you better understand and utilize your machine. The concepts introduced here apply to all HP calculators, plus a few other calculators that have an ENTER key.

Chapters 1, 2, and 3 will introduce you to how the ENTER key works and how to solve simple problems on your calculator. Chapter 4 introduces the concept of programming. Chapter 5 presents several short application programs, and Chapter 6 gives tips [26 of them] on more efficient use of your Series 10 machine.


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Thanks for correcting my author's name. Geesh! I was WAY off!! Thanks for helping me find it, too! I just order it! Cool recommendation for a book resource.

Not THAT far off! Jean-Daniel Dodin ran the French club PPC-Toulouse and wrote in French - I run the British club HPCC (formerly PPC-UK) and write in (reverse) Polish - well, not only. All in Europe. It's a good book and does not lose in the translation - but as was said, it was written mainly for the Voyager calculators. Maybe there's a revival due for buyers of the HP-15CLE.

I agree, ENTER is a good book, though I prefer another one called "Extend your HP-41" by a very nice fellow in Europe. It was translated from hsiloP esreveR to English by the author. :)

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I think "Extend your HP-41" should be classified as a 'Massive Tome' rather than just a book.


Well, after waiting a grueling three days, I got a package in the mail!!! What could it be? YIPPEE!! It came today! This is gonna be fun!!!! Now to pique my challenge instinct, I'll adapt these routines & techiques to my newly acquired 33s & 35s. And yes, I'm reloading my 15C with a fresh set of batteries too!

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