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Full Version: OT: RANT - Sharp EL-9900 variables accept complex numbers, but not the program "Input" command!
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I was quite pleased to find the EL-9900 does complex LN and EXP, and that variables store complex numbers. So when I decided to write some programs using complex numbers, I was annoyed to discover that the "Input" command does NOT accept complex numbers! What a limitation! Of course there is a way around it, by using two variables to input the real and imaginary values of the number (note, no i allowed) and combine it into a complex number in the program - but this is a calculator that has only 26 global variables to start with. It is things like this that have always made me prefer HP's.

It seems like that would only ever require one additional variable per program, no matter how many variables you originally intended to use.

"Enter real part variable a", Input a
"Enter imag part variable a", input m

a = a + i * m

"Enter real part variable b", Input b
"Enter imag part variable b", input m

b = b + i * m

Edited: 28 Feb 2012, 7:27 a.m.

I agree, but depending on the program - one may just be one to many. Actually i made a mis-representation in my previous post, the EL-9900 has 27 (not 26) variables, A-Z and theta (I don't know if theta is capable of storing a complex number (I do not have the calculator close at hand at the moment), but could be used instead if your 'm').