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Full Version: HP-41 USB-82143A info released.
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Hi all,

I've released a preliminary manual as well as a simple utility build on top of a .NET VB serial terminal application.

Archive download is available here.

Basic interface directions required to build a suitable application on other platforms is also included in the manual.

Hope you find it useful (or at least interesting... ;-)

Cheers from Caribbean Sea.


Yes Diego, very interesting, and likely also useful :-)

A couple of quick questions before I do a deeper reading:-

1. Will you make the HW available soon as well as re. 3.0 of Clonix config?

2. Will said revision also support page#4 in the GUI?


Hi Ángel,

Yes to both, and for the same reasons. I have not the source code of ClonixConfig.exe with me nor the parts to build the HP41<>USB interface modules.

I'm planing a small run of 20 units and obviously the release of required ver. 3.0 of the configuration utility which will allow (y)our beloved page #4... ;-) But this will have to wait until I get back home.

In the meantime, maybe someone can find the info from the manual useful to build an alternate platform utility.

Cheers from Dom. Republic.


This is great Diego, one more capability to expand our good old HP-41! I read the information you provided and sounds like this is a Clonix module with Printer ROM emulation and output to USB/PC. Do you think it would be possible in the future to support something like the optical wand ROM and use that to transfer data and FOCAL programs into the HP-41 from USB/PC? Thanks !!

Hi Kerem,

Yes, it have been built like a Clonix with I/O functionality.

The Clonix part has been modified to allow the extra functions without disturbing the ROM images replication.

Regarding other I/O devices emulation like the Wand (or the Card Reader), the most difficult part is that these type of devices make use of the IF signal which I must admit I don't quite understand yet, so a lot of research is ahead before a "simulated Wand" can see the *light*... :-)