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Full Version: RPN/Algebraic calculator for most PDAs
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See www.infinitysw.com for information about powerOne, a nice RPN calculator which runs in Palm- and WindowsCE-based PDAs. While not cheap, it seems to be a good product. I haven't used it yet.

Quote from the manufacturers info:

"Customizable to fit your needs: You choose how powerOne Finance works.

Input Methods: Old HP users will like the RPN input. Scientific calculator users will like the Order of Operation input (3+4*5 = 23), and standard financial calculator users will appreciate the Chain input method (3+4*5 = 35)."

My remarks:

a) powerOne is very configurable!!

b) Are all RPN supporters (like me) "old"?

c) Once more, RPN mode is the one which doesn't need any explanation!!

b) for the sake of our vanity, I will assume the writer meant users of old HP calculators, before HP began supporting algebraic.

c) I am beginning to realize that it wasn't HP's RPN method that "AOS" was trying to improve on, but the number juggling you have to do with earlier TI calculators.