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And now you "see" the differences between the Nspire CX screen and last decade / century / millenium technology :-))

Thanks for sharing!


I hope HP's next graphing calculator is color Joerg.

A shame ... for HP!

Include Kinpo. The problem is not exclusively with HP.

Include Kinpo. The problem is not exclusively with HP.

Who hires Kinpo?

It's HP that outsources its work to Kinpo. Only HP is to blame!

Edited: 26 Feb 2012, 10:57 p.m.

Not me. What would I want a colour screen for? I can use a computer if I want to "titivate" things. I want a calculator for work, not looks. What I would like to see from HP is a completely new calculator with a high resolution greyscale screen that I can use for work. A calculator is for my personal use, that I would like to use in meetings/workgroups to quickly and efficiently provide answers for a variety of cases - the other participants are usually not interesrted in what happens on the calculator. If I need to present it to management, I'll use a computer anyway. I have tried using the NSpire, Casio and Sharp graphing calculators, but they have all let me down. Currently the 50G is the best option, but I am looking forward to something new.
HP "revolutionary" calculators:

1972: handheld with transcendental functions.

1974: programmable and card reader/writer.

1979: LCD display with alphanumeric, keys could be reassigned, vast expansion capability.

1987: RPL available to the user, object-oriented/many data types, symbolic math.

The 48/49/50 are just enhancements of the last one - so for 25 years there has been no fresh new designs from HP (the Expander was supposed to be). The 39gII looks promising, let's hope it develops into something that can be useful in a work invironment.