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Full Version: DM-15CC always/frequently turns on in case
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8 out of 10 times when I pull this little beast out of the case it is either saying "PR ERROR" or a scrolling name display.

I am very sure that the power button is not being depressed (and that would not answer the memory initialization message in any case).

Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be some kind of ESD upset?

It is annoying to have it always lose its program and state.

Other than that and a couple of stubborn keys, I like the machine.

I saw this a couple of times with mine. I'd like to know what the root cause is as well.

I saw the scrolling name display only during the (successfull) flashing process, never during normal use.

Has anyone started a dm-15cc bug list?

Neither of my two little beasts shows such attitude.


Why? Are there any bugs?