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Full Version: [DM-15cc] Flashing - worked!
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Just to report my success and to encourage other proud new owners I wanted to inform you that flashing the cute little DM-15cc with MEM80 and MEM1b firmware worked just fine on an Asus eeePC running under XP/3.

Hi Alexander,

That's great! I am waiting for my DM-15CC to arrive. So please tell us what changes the flashing will do to the calculator?


hpnut in Malaysia

Flashing with the alternative firmwares that Michael Steinmann provides on his site does increase memory - as described on his site!

I had earlier posted that the lower left corner of my DM-15cc was not flush together and gave movement and an audible noise when the ON button was pressed.

Took it apart and the cause was that one of the 4 corner "posts" that the screws go into was not mounted on the main PC board corner. The other 3 were, but the fourth one was not.

Some soldering and a few minutes later, voila. No problem.

FYI. All is good.

FYI. All is good.

How about the keyboard? Mine is next to useless. I didn't expect it to be sooo bad...


Overall, my keyboard is ok, I only have problems making the EEX/pi and + keys register. That sometimes takes a few more presses...

By no means the DM-15cc could replace any original HP machine, but due to its credit card size it is an easy to carry allways-in-my-pocket-calculator that has amazing powers. Still, I already thought about selling it again because I have quite large hands...but who on the auction site would know what it was?!? ;-)