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Full Version: Battery Charger for HP-41
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Is it possible to use 82059b as a charger for HP 41
(In the Museum it states that this is for HP-75/D!??)

Ref.: I asked the seller of this auction for the model number and 82059b was his reply!


Or is this the only option:
Charger 82059A/B (82066B 230VAC only)

If several models from other HP calculators is usable is there a list of all possible models for my HP-41 anywhere?

Thanks Eric

The 82059 series chargers are used with a lot of different HP calculators and peripherals. It works with the rechargeable NiCad battery pack for the HP41 (82120A).

I use it to charge 82143A's batteries and, when my old 82120A was in one piece, I also used it.