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Full Version: HP-94!
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I just received a real nice HP-94E in the mail. And I thought it would be neat to make it do something cool.

Anyone having done something real on the HP-94?

+ rare :-)

Edited: 19 Feb 2012, 5:13 p.m.

I wrote a really lame HP-35 simulator in the HP-94 Basic development package. It's a pretty lousy version of BASIC and not a lot of fun to program in since the development environment does not simulate the actual hardware at all. So you need to keep compiling downloading and testing, yuck.

If you're interest you should get a copy of the development system (I think it's on www.hpmuseum.net).

My stuff is here. Read the Commands.lst file it explains how to compile and download without having to read the reams of HP documentation. It also lists all the HP-94 commands, development system commands, etc.


I just rebuilt a couple of HP94. Had to burn EPROMs for them to get them to work.

Do you have any other HP94 stuff?

I was thinking of trying the development system but it looks like installing on a PC is a major pain?

No installation needed, it's old DOS stuff. The HP Computer Museum has this in a weird format I agree, PM me for a copy. Incredibility the 94 development environment still works on Windows 7 (at least the 32 bit version). But I used my HP200LX as the development platform, just because it's my only real DOS machine left and I know all the communications stuff (to the 94) runs without a hitch there.

I don't have anything else for the 94 series but I do have all three of them: D, E and F (my only HP collector bragging point).

Send me a copy; g@isene.com