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Full Version: $1000 for a vintage HP 97 printing calculator
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Hi all, agree that the price is "fantastic"?
on e-bay

Good morning!

Hi all, agree that the price is "fantastic"?

Yes, but it is a fantastic calculator!

Way too much of course, but for me it still makes more sense to buy an HP-97 for 1000$ than an HP-41, -42, -48 or -28 for more than 200$ as you can see on eBay every day.

Ciao, max

Edited: 19 Feb 2012, 5:04 a.m.

Hi Max, agree for the fantastic calculator, but you understand that 1000$ is quite an exaggerated price for that calculator, no new no mint, also, "there was a number written in black marker on the back...but it is mostly worn off", maybe fully working.... (as from his words the seller is not an expert), I don't know, it looks too much.

good luck to the seller and good luck to the buyer!

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I suspect this seller is unaware of the "going auction price" for HP97's ($180 - $400) and this auction has no case or manual. This will go unsold if the price isn't lowered. My suspicion is that the card reader needs to be rebuilt as well. The marker on the case certainly lowers the value. No photo of battery terminals so this is another unknown.

This sort of thing happens all the time with clueless sellers. It's not just HP vintage calculators either. This is pretty ridiculous as well, but you'd need to know something about it know the true market price.

Apparently, at such a bargain price, one cannot afford to include the shipping.