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Full Version: A show review of the SmartCalc 300s...
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A show review of the SmartCalc 300s...

SmartCalc 300s review

Hello Jose,

thanks for the review - I enjoyed reading it.

Best regards



Interesting review with 90% agreement to my own experiece. Our son at school jumped from "no calculator" to TiNspire without anything in between, so I had to buy this Smartcalc 300 for myself (1 Euro on eBay, NIB :-) ) for the sake of having a complete collection.
I played with it a little and found it quite pleasing to use, but as you said, totally different from any other scientific HP calculator.

Some day I needed to do a quick calculation and took it from the heap of uncatalogued calculators under my desk (you should hear my wife's opinion on that...) but only got the result displayed as a fraction. There was no intuitive way to change this (I never read manuals) so I threw it back on the heap and used the trusted old Star Trekulator instead.

As with all other "modern" HP calculators (I think I have all the SmartCalcs, OfficeCalcs, WhateverCalcs that they currently sell) it is really only a piece of plastic with an emotional factor of zero.


Thanks for this.

If you grab a Casio FX991ES PLUS, you will find it's pretty much exactly the same from a software point of view (I assume it's the same manufacturer) but it has load more features such as complex numbers, vectors, matrices, a half decent solver.

I have a SmartCalc 300s and it's a piece of junk compared to the Casio. They keys don't work properly, it's buggy and it feels like a toy.

The Casio is several orders of magnitude better even though it's pretty much the same.