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Full Version: HP41 Rechargable Battery Pack Repair Solution
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I spent 15 minutes at Batteries Plus.

The total was $12 (the 'N' cells alone cost an additional $8) and the rechargable battery pack works as good as new.

They used a 1/3AAA 500maH replacement

Sorry, but the $60 for the guy in Florida to fix it doesn't cut it.

500 maH in a 1/3 AAA... I don't think so. Perhaps 50maH.

There is a 150 maH NiMH cell (Sanyo) that is the same diameter as the original Nicads, but a little shorter. The string needs to be backed up with a piece of plywood, etc.

"500 maH in a 1/3 AAA... I don't think so. Perhaps 50maH."

I'm not an expert, but that is what he told me. He specifically differentiated between 50maH and 500mah.



I have a rechargeable batt pack for the HP41 that is disassembled and has no batteries. I though about many solutions, and all of them would result in cutting the original battery holder. I will not do that.

As you have found a Sanyo NiMh cell that fits in, would you place its specs here for us? If they are readable, of course. I'll try to find it here (but I am almost sure it will be about impossible...)