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Full Version: Interesting Book with lots of HP info
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I just received a book I bought on Ebay that has some really good sections on HP calculators, including an essay on the evolution of HP calculators, a detailed chapter on the 9100 architecture by Tom Osborne, and a chapter on the 9845A hardware and software architecture. It's called Computer Structures: Principles and Examples. It's co-written/edited by Gordon Bell, who has the whole book available for download on his site:


The download is huge, but definitely worth a look if you love HP calculators and early desktops.


+1 This out-of-print book has excellent technical descriptions of long out-of-print machines.


Thanks for the link. In addition to the HP calculator information, I also found the chapter on the Xerox Alto to be informative about their early experiment in personal computers.


Edited: 17 Feb 2012, 3:10 a.m.