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Full Version: Followup to HP 12C keyboard problems
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Just a follow-up to my post from last week about my 12C that had a defective [PV] key:

On Monday I called HP tech support to see if I could get a replacement.

The man with whom I spoke was very friendly and said they'd send me a replacement.

Well, today I just got a package from UPS from SPL Logistics Export Department of Miami, FL, containing a replacement calculator. But something looked different.

What was it? HP sent me a 12c Prestige to replace my 12C. It was just a bare calculator, wrapped in bubble wrap, with no case or anything. The serial number starts with CNA643.

I'm not complaining -- in fact, it was pretty cool to get a 12c Prestige. But what I find strange is how a model that was only sold in Brazil about 5 years ago ended up in the US HP warranty replacement inventory. The Prestige, for those who aren't familiar, is a rebadged second-generation 12c Platinum, but with a gold faceplate instead of a silver colored faceplate.


If the 12C with the problem was a 12C+ with the faster ARM processor, I'd consider this a downgrade rather than an upgrade.

Thanks for your comments on the Prestige, though, I'd never heard of it!

Pretty Cool!

On the other hand, pretty terrible HP service. This is especially terrible since you're one of their resellers, is that correct?

Yes, that's correct, it was a 12C+ so it was a downgrade, but considering I can easily buy as many 12C+ calculators as I want yet can't buy the 12c Prestige, this is arguably worth more.

They didn't make me send back the old 12C, though, so I still have that (if I ignore the fact that PV doesn't work so well).


I don't know how many at HP are aware of that.

These days I buy most of my calculators for resale on Amazon.com because it's frequently cheaper to buy calculators from Amazon than from the official HP distributors. When I do rely on my distributors (like for the 15C) I tend to get screwed over anyway.