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Full Version: WP 34S - Pics of blue slant overlay on real calculator
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Please forgive my less-than-stellar application work. I've noticed that this overlay had a lit more varnish than my last. Smoother and more shiny. I prefer my last overlays with the slightly rougher and more matte finish.

Never the less, I'm very happy with the end result. Thanks to Eric for his hard work in producing these, and thanks to all who contributed to the design!


Edited: 14 Feb 2012, 11:54 a.m.

Niiice - can't wait to get mine! I'm going to put one on an HP-20b, so I'll post a picture of that.

Very nice! I think this looks a lot less cluttered than the standard overlay. The only thing is the blue labels look very dark. Presumably it looks better in real life?

Less cluttered, that's what it looks to me as well. However, I'd rather swap green and blue and place the alfa labels at lower left, as in the original design.

Rob had one just like that I think - Eric can probably tweak it and has offered to do one-off. I don't think you are the only person who essentially wants just the labels above the keys and everything else the same.

... a lot less cluttered than the standard overlay ...

Please compare with Eric's picture:

Hard for Bob's to be "a lot less cluttered" with even some more characters on it ;-)


Overall I would say it looks better in real life, but the blue is definitely more subdued than the yellow/green. That was one of my main motivators behind having the blue front labels. Those (for me) are lesser-used functions than the yellow/green.

I think this is, overall, a much more intuitive layout. Normal calculating functions are the most obvious and at the top of the keys like every other calculator we use.

Alpha labels are muted and to the lower right, as on almost every other HP calculator.

The menus and mode settings are generally less used, and are a subdued blue on the key fronts.

My opinion is obviously biased. :-)


I don't want to stir the pot w.r.t. more or less cluttered, or more or less intuitive. Having grown up with the HP-25, and more recently used 32E (rescued from the trash!), 15C (and LE) and 35S (and having not used the HP-67), I will stick my neck out and say that the f / g labels above and the blue (h) key slant labels are more "familiar". I believe that was the whole point of this new run of overlays.

Net result: I like my new overly better and it makes the WP34S earier to use for ME.

Eric, you must have gotten your shipments to the post office early Friday, because I had mine in the Monday noon mail at work up here in Cleveland. Add my thanks for a VERY well done overlay.


If there were only two shift keys, then I'd certainly prefer blue on the slanted edge like in the Voyagers, for instance. It just happens that I don't like gold & green on black. Gold & blue looks better to me. That's a matter of taste, of course.


Gold & blue looks better to me.

And not only to you! ;-)

And that's why almost all HP calcs have this color scheme (as one can see in your picture).


Thanks to Eric's sense of humour, I am the proud owner of an exceptionally rare WP34S "red dot"!

If the HP-35 prices are anything to go by I should be able to sell this baby for a tidy profit in 34 years!