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Full Version: WP 34S: New release on SF
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I've put up a V3 release on SF. It will still need some polishing but should be working. If not, please tell us!


Edited: 13 Feb 2012, 4:43 a.m.

Enjoy everyone :-)

- Pauli

... and please don't forget to report to us the bugs which are in for sure :-)


Thanks, gents.

I am a late rather than early adopter and was waiting for the Sourceforge release. Till now I have been pleased with 2.2.

I like what v. 3 is doing with organizing program, register, and flash memory. It actually is simpler than the multiple library setup of v. 2.

The manual still needs to be cleaned as it still mentions the now obsolete SENDL function when discussing Serial I/O syncing with the emulator. Apart from that, looks amazing.

I satisfied myself with throwaway paper overlays for 2.2, but now have splurged on Eric Rechlin's proper vinyl overlays for this version. I am assuming that the keyboard layout is settled and will not change throughout updates to v. 3.

Again, thank you for this amazing project.


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Please let us know about all and any problems with the firmware and the manual. They will be addressed.

Yes, version 3 is a significant improvement over version 2. The flash management is out of sight better, not to mention having more free flash for users. We've separate programs, more functions, better accuracy for some functions, double precision and more. I definitely think it is worth buying a new overlay and letting v2 die quietly :-)

The version 3 overlay is pretty much fixed. We're arguing over SHOW & up arrow (alpha case change) on the ON button, so a trivial change might happen. However, we're well aware of the need to not alter the overlay so don't expect to need a new one even if things do change. Currently the up arrow enters the register browser and SHOW displays the full mantissa. We're thinking of changing this so that SHOW enters the register browser and up arrow does something else. The reason being is that f-shift and g-shift x<>y <( and )> display the mantissa in single precision mode, the parts of the mantissa in double and shift around the integer display. Thus the current SHOW behaviour is redundant.

The outstanding question is what to put on the case shift up arrow (if anything). Any suggestions?

We also have a (very) small number of free character bitmaps available, any suggestions here?

- Pauli

The outstanding question is what to put on the case shift up arrow (if anything). Any suggestions?

If we don't come up with anything better I would propose to enter lower case alpha mode directly with f EXIT. Let SHOW start the register browser and <( )> handle the display of numbers.