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Full Version: HP 48 Meta Kernel card for sale?
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Where can i get a HP 48 Meta Kernel card?
Have someone a card for sale?

Edited: 12 Feb 2012, 8:18 a.m.

An alternative is copying the Meta Kernal Full Version file (freely available at www.hpcalc.org) onto a 128K RAM card.


I'd also like to recommend SpeedUI 11.11 by Raymond Del Tondo. It is comparable to Meta Kernel in a certain way since it also greatly speeds up and simplifies the User Interface of the HP-48GX. You will also need a free 128k RAM card in Slot 1 to install it.

I've bee using it for over a year now and am absolutely satisfied with it. Compared to MetaKernel I see two significant advantages:

  1. It is still being maintained by Rayomd who releases important updates every now and then.
  2. It is a modular installation consistitng of several optional libraries. It allows you to only install the features you need most. Therefore you can save a bit of card memory for other things as well.

It's a bit tricky to filter out what you don't need at the beginning, but I can provide you with a list of the librares I use if you need one.

You can download the installation files

I second everything that Timo said. I've been using SpeedUI for a while now. It's a little complex to install, but after installing it, my 48GX feels like it's something ten years more modern...



I've been most curious to try it out for some time. Please share the details about the libraries you've used and instructions to install them (email is fine)..


Hi Thomas,

you have mail. I'll also post the list of my SpeedUI libs below for all forum members to access.

Kind regards,

Library-Name    Lib-ID  Port

SpeedUI 11.11:

CF 4 0
UFL 257 1
UI 805 1
UF 809 1
B0 176 1
B1 177 1
B2 178 1
B3 179 1
B6 182 1
E4 228 1
EA 234 1
SBC 224 1

Install CF.lib first, then all other librares. It must be installed into Port 0! Perform a warmstart [On]+[C] after storing each library in port memory.

The listing represents an almost full install of SpeedUI 11.11 but it leaves enough Port 1 memory to allow installation of additional libraries as well. The SpeedUI zip-file does contain readme material which will explain certain aspects of the installation quite good.

Edited: 16 Feb 2012, 8:20 a.m.