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Full Version: Making the wp-34s label glossy
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I sprayed a layer of varnish on my wp-34s label, which was too matt for my taste, to make it similar to hp keyboards. This is the result.
Now it reflects too much light, but you can try it if you like it so I wanted to share the photos. The label doesn't really look like the calculator plastic.
(I chose a hp-20b becouse it is black, like the label, althought I dont know the difference with the hp-30b; I still need to flash the calculator)

The lightly rough surface of the print together with the varnish results in an irritating glare.

You will only know if it works for you or not after you have reflashed your calculator. Since it's a V2 overlay, get the most recent V22 release from SourceForge.

Next step: Get yourself a new (V3) overlay and put it on a 30b. With the soon to be released V3 firmware this is a whole new experience. :-) It might be fun to explore the differences between the two.

You have one of the very oldest overlays, it seems.

The ones I have been making for the last 5 months or so have a thin coat of paint on them, giving them a semi-gloss appearance.


Yes, I'll do it. I'll remove the overlay and I'll buy the new V3. But can I do it with my 20b? I dont understand why everyone is going for the 30b

The keyboard mechanics of the 30b are far better than those of the 20b.

The 20b has keys like - forgive me - a Casio, while the 30b has keys with tactile feedback like an HP of those days that were :-)