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Full Version: it's here !!! (and this is not a Red Dot ...)
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And this is the second one, just arrived ...

Is missing the plastic box, which I have for his brother HP-41

but is a nice addition to the family ...

You mean his brother, HP-46...

Bellissima ! I'm content to own just the HP-46.

you are right, I meant the HP46 ...

You are right, but this HP-46 is also not a Red Key.
My HP-46 and all others i found have a red key above the 7.
On your picture this key is green!

It looks more like orange to me.

The last addiction to my collection is an HP-81 and the key is GREEN
is now pictured with his brother the HP-46 which has an ORANGE key and I had purchased a couple of years ago

Both are working, but the HP-46 came with the original soft cover and the original hard cover, which is more like a suitcase

ciao a tutti, Alberto