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Full Version: HP's Tired Basic Calculator Line
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A few years ago HP introduced a new lineup of home and office calculators that looked kind of, well, ugly.

They've gotten rid of a bunch of them, but what's there now is less than inspiring.

I wonder if HP is giving up on them, or if they plan to spruce them up a little.

The scientific and financial ones are fine, but having a good shirt pocket unit is handy, as well.


Hi Jeff,

For a shirt-pocket unit you may have a look at the DM-15CC (www.rpn-calc.ch or elsewhere in the forum). This is a credit card sized HP-15C clone.



Edited: 10 Feb 2012, 1:04 a.m.

Voyagers are perfectly shirt-pocketable, and even a WP 34S will do ;-)

Thanks. Too bad they don't make a financial version of the DM-15CC!

Walter is completely right! Nothing more to say. ;-)