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Full Version: devolution of the wp34s label---or fun with colors
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i'll post snapshots of all three on an actual calculator once i've laid them all out.

version 1:

version 2:

version 3:

Opinion: Version three is more pleasing.

Opinion: Version three is more pleasing.

I agree, I prefer version 3 as well.

I also like version 3.

Things I like: the pi symbol, the sigma symbol, the separate Cy,x an Py,x labels.

Nit-picky things I would change: the slanted 1 with serif in both instances of 1/x, the x with a bar, the x in |x|, and the y with carat are not the same as the other lower case x's and y's, and I would raise the x in 2x and 10x.


and I would raise the x in 2x and 10x

... and in ex as well. And center lower case pi.

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those are excellent points! you look at the monitor too long, everything starts looking the same.

that's why a different set of eyes always help.

I like version 3 too, although I agree that this is nothing more than a personal aesthetic opinion.

But, and I know this looks too obvious to be a mistake, so there must be a reason I missed, why is there two entries for 1/x, Sigma+, Y^x, sqrt(x), a b/c ? E.g. 1/x is over the B key in white and above the / (divide) key accessible with "f".



As long as there is no LBL A to LBL D in programm memory the keys A to D will act as Sigma +, 1/x, y^x, SQRT(x).

As soon as there is one of LBL A to LBL D defined the corresponing key will A to D will call the programm and the "white fuction" has to be called the alternative, shifted way.



One could have the g-functions on the buttom of the keys and leave their colour blue, the gold f-functions and the green h-functions above the keys.

...or rename h to something completely different, use a symbol.

Just for those who are familiar with the Voyager series. ;-)

But at the end, the WP 34s neither is a "genuine" Hewlett Packard calculator nor is it a Voyager series calculator. Why not try something different?

Is anyone interested in a transparent overlay for use on a repurposed HP 30b?

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Exactly what I was thinking. I'm very interested!

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Yes, I would like to see that.

Color choices may be challenging. The keys themselves can stay the same, white for primary function and blue for the h-shifted functions on the lower slanted portion. I think that black will just about have to be used for one of the keyboard-plane label colors. If the yellow-gold that has been used for the f-shifted functions on the black overlays shows up well on the silver background of the 30b, f-shift could stay that color and g-shift could be black. If yellow-gold does not show up well, I’d say use black for f-shift. That leaves the g-shifted and alpha labels. Not sure if green will show up very well on the silver background. For the default functions of the A, B, C and D keys, I might suggest something like below, i.e. white (edit - as Eric points out, this will not work on a clear overlay, so it will have to be siver) labels inside black boxes, to emphasize that these are primary key functions when active.

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White labels inside black boxes on a transparent overlay?

What kind of printer prints with white ink?


Oops. Guess that would be silver labels inside a black box.

What kind of printer prints with white ink?

A very expensive one?

Come on HP ... make us a custom set of keys and faceplate. ;-)

Nice...now if only I could fit that in my apartment. :)


The consensus seems to be for #3, but as someone who is red-green colorblind, those two colors for f and g are difficult to distinguish.

LOL! at least you can purchase it. :) i have neither space nor moolah to even consider one.

Sorry, we know they won't do that - the bias to pay is too high.

I like #1. There is a certain retro appeal to it. It is also more readable in low light.