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Full Version: HP 15C LE: keyboard problems
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i have bought a HP 15C LE from "The Calculator Store" and got it today.

S/N: CNA148022R (Lim. Ed. No.: 11041) - european version?

unfortunately is the "*" key not working as expected. you have to press hard or more than twice until it is recogniced.

how should i proceed: contact the store or HP directly?

i thought, the keyboard problem was solved?

the best


You should return it to the dealer.

Now that's bad...

Ask the dealer first. If they have more for exchanges send it back to them. If not, then try HP, they might actually have some in stock for replacing dead units under warranty.

Mine arrived from "The Calculator Store" yesterday. I tested all the keys (pressing as lightly as possible until they clicked), and I'm happy to report there are no problems. All keys registered first time, every time.