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Full Version: HP-71B Early Date Code
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I have an HP-71B with date code 2401A00135.
This is 1 week earlier than shown in the early date codes page. The VER$ is HP71:1AAAA.
It still works ok but is in tatty condition!


Does anyone else have one with that ver$? I thought BBBB was the first!!! Is this a prototype?


It is definitely not a prototype, or at least it looks like it was a full production unit, but now very battered and tatty. I can send photos if anyone is interested.


Does anyone have information on bugs in VER$ 1AAAA ?

Yes, I'd like to see some photos of it.
Thanks in advance.


It appears that version AAAA wasn't used for very long, as I have a 71b with a serial number of 2409Axxxxx. Made just 8 weeks later, with a ROM ver of 1BBBB.

My earliest non-prototype has a serial of 2410A00149
with VER$: 1BBBB.
I have one (prototype) with serial 0000A00035,
which shows for VER$: TI%RM4-HP71:0AAAA, but because
of the 0000 serial I do not know when it was made.

Yours does seem to be a prototype and is earlier than mine.

Perhaps Dave Hicks will now update his earliest date code page?

I have a 2406 that has 1BBBB