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Full Version: Non-HEPAX configurations for NoVRAM/NoV-32
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Hi all,

By the time Clonix & NoV family was appearing, back in '03 & '04; with several MS-DOS based configuration tools for every different module, there was a NoVRAM-F.exe and NoVRAM-F.asm which were intended for the user to create a "Free" (hence the "F") configuration for the NoVRAM module. It was very limited though as it only allowed four ROM images to be placed into pages #C to #F, while keeping RAM fixed into #8 to #B area.

One of the advanced users asked me for the possibility of extending this to the available six ROM images and also to allow the four RAM pages to be placed either on #8 - #B or #C - #F, because he was interested on some RAM-Boxes emulation. This was the origin of the latest NoVRAM-R.asm and NoVRAM-R.exe configuration tool from '05.

As several users have currently showed up a growing interest in expanding the range of NoVRAM and NoV-32 configuration possibilities to different non-HEPAX applications I think that recovering this files may be of interest to some of you.

Further more I know of one user that will be very happy to see that page #4 is available in this tool... :-)

The download link for the relevant files is here.

This is just limited to MS-DOS environments (works on any DOS Window) and it calls IC-Prog upon completion but, of course, you can close it and use the NoVRAM-R.HEX file with your USB programer instead.

Also, when used on a NoV-32 module it is just limited to one 16K RAM block, therefore behaving just like a simple NoVRAM.

I will appreciate your feedback in order to evaluate this optional configuration to be included in the next release of the ClonixConfig utility.

All the best and have a nice weekend!


Edited: 5 Feb 2012, 11:34 p.m.

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