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Full Version: HP15C LE Price Lowered by HP
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I just checked the hp web site and the price of the HP-15C LE is back to $99.99 AND IS NOT OUT OF STOCK. So all of you crying foul and bitching about the price hike, take a chill pill!!!



Edited: 2 Feb 2012, 8:26 a.m.


Please remember, the steep price tag of $179.99 was at hp's Home & Home Office section. The page and calculator disappeared there...



Namir - That is the hp Small & Medium Business Store, where it has always been $99.99. However, they take orders and charge your credit card w/o having immediate stock, and some people are still waiting to receive their calculators. As Joerg posted, the listing has mysteriously vanished from the hp Home & Home Office Store, where they actually don't sell unless they have stock.

I still don't think HP was trying to rip people off, it was probably another mistake. Jacking up the price would be stupid - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that very few people would pay $180 for this product, actually resulting in *reduced* profits. That's a kid with lemonade stand mistake ("If I sell 20 cups a day for a quarter each, couldn't I charge $2 for a cup and make 8x the amount of money?")

People buy the machine for MORE THAN $180!!!!

How many people?

I bet fewer than 200 around the world will pay that for this new one (unless they think they are getting an original NIB on ebay--by not looking at the fine print so to say)

Exclamation mark abuse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of the people who bought calculators from the initial batch from outside the US have paid at least this price. Mine was $99.99 from SC but in excess of $185 (at today's exchange rate) by the time it was in my hand. Buyers in Brazil reported much higher prices due to local taxes.
My UK ordered ones (still not yet arrived here) will be equivalent to about $145 assuming the supplier honours the order price.

After Namir's message, I checked the HP Home&Home Office store where 15C was listed for $179 yesterday, but this morning HP-15C LE has been removed from the store website.
link to HP Home&Home Office

Edited: 2 Feb 2012, 12:41 p.m.

Maybe it was just a mistake. Maybe some HP guys have checked our reaction and decided it wasn't a good decision to increase the price. Anyway: thanks HP.

For those who want to know, here in Tokyo/Japan the HP15c is sold in Akihabara for 10900Yen, which is 142$. Beside the English manual, a japanese one is included as hardcopy.


So, assuming a 5% consumption tax, the total price would be about 11445 Yen, which is less than $150. How does that price compare with other HP calculators sold in Japan, such as an HP 50g ?


the 5% consumption tax is already included in the 10900Yen. Don't ask me about HP's pricing in Japan...

BTW, the serial No. of the one I bought is 14817 and the manufacture date is mid of Dec. 2011 (CNA 1500298). And they keep several more in the shelves.


Edited: 4 Feb 2012, 9:56 a.m.

What's the key to translating CNA number to manufacture date? For that matter, what is a CNA number? My 15C LE has 4 digits followed by 3 letters.

On a different note, I tried the "$99" link to the 15C on the small business store, it still (Feb 5) says "$99" but when you place it in your cart, it mysteriously jumps to $129.



CNA means "China" and the codes translates easily

First digit "1" is 2011 (consequently, a "2" will be 2012 eventually)

Second/third digits are "50", this is calender week 50 - mid December

The remaining digits "xxxx" probably are a lot/batch No., seems, as in your case letters are used as well.


Now it says "$129". I can't see any mistake here. Only bids for making money

My 30bs are 4CY######## (8 digits following the CY). Do you have an explanation?

Different manufacturers / factories ?


Thanks for the info!



my 30b's are 4CY030xxxxx and 4CY031xxxxx, indicating built 2010 in China, CW 30 and 31 respectively.

However, this scheme doesn't work with my 20b....




My understanding is as follows:

The difference between 4CY and CNA as the leading three characters is explained here.

The eight digits break down as follows: digit 1 is the year, digits 2 and 3 are the week, and the last five are an individual unit number. With the 15c LE, there are only 7 characters after the factory ID, with only four characters for the unit number. Since they now use alpha as well as numeric characters, four characters allows a total of 1,679,616 individual ID strings as compared to 100,000 strings with 5 numbers, so four characters is probably enough.

The difference between 4CY and CNA as the leading three characters is explained here.

Yes, 4CY is a different factory. I do not work for HP or either of these companies, so I am not 100% sure, but I believe that 4CY == Inventec Appliance, and CNA == Kinpo Electronics.
What's CNG as found on the sticker of my 20b? Maybe a different Kinpo plant?

I have never see that one, but my guess would be another manufacturing plant, either Kinpo or other.

(If you google CNG, you will find lots of useful information about compressed natural gas.)

I don't know the answer to that, but it's not a new designation, my 2007 HP12C has serial number CNG738#####.
Incidentally, that unit has all loose keys, not just the [f] & [g] keys as much commented on in the 15C-LE. I've never found it an issue when used flat on a desk.