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Full Version: Self test for 41CX
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Does anyone know what the self-test sequence is for the 41CX?

There is no self test sequence on 41C* models....

At least not built-in;-)

There exist some test modules resp. EPROM sets which allow for tests,
but I don't think these will be easy to get hands on...


Although there is no self-test, there are two useful things to try, here are the quotes from the 41CX manual:

Page 155:

To reset the computer (that is, to clear main and extended memory and set all flags to default status):

1. Turn the computer off.

2. Hold down <- key.

3. Press ON key.

4. Release <- key.

The display will show MEMORY LOST.

Page 385:

Verifying Proper Operation

If it appears that the computer will not turn on or otherwise is not operating properly, review the following steps.

1. Be sure that all the batteries are inserted with the correct polarity and that the battery contacts are not dirty.

2. If the computer does not respond to keystrokes, try to reset it as follows: press and hold the ON key and ENTER keys simultaneously, then release them. Turn the computer on, if necessary, and test for a response to keystrokes.

3. If there is no response, remove and reinsert the battery pack.

If the computer still does not turn on, install fresh batteries.

If this does not suffice, remove the battery pack and let the computer discharge overnight. When you reinstall the batteries and turn the computer on, if the display shows MEMORY LOST, then the memory and the computer have been cleared and reset.

4. If the computer still does not respond to keystrokes, remove the battery pack and short the end battery terminals inside the HP-41 together. Only momentary contact is required. Replace the batteries. The contents of continuous memory will be lost, and you might need to press the ON key more than once to turn the computer back on.

5. If there is still no response, the computer required service.

I hope that this helps you!