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Full Version: HP 18C Frankencalc
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Some of you will recall this thread: OLD THREAD
Well I convinced Bruce to pull apart a perfectly fine 18C and install these strange keys. Now I have a rather unusual 18C!

Some photos HERE


and HERE!

Enjoy! Keith

Bold and stylish...

But, it could be confusing if you forget which key in the original layout is the blank orange key referred to in the instructions...

The blank orange keys at the top replaced blank grey keys (menu soft keys), and the orange key on the left on the next row down is the original shift key (which is exactly the same color!).
The other keys replaced were: EXIT (same, but orange), ENDE (replace ON), NEXT (replace down arrow), and all the numbers and arithmetic keys. So still easy to navigate. There was a SAL button and I couldn't decide where to place that one.

OK i've just added another photo HERE that shows it working alongside a 'regular' 18C (with a Chary overlay on the alpha keyboard).

Also uploaded a photo of my HP94F working again now i've got a rebuilt battery for it: HP94F

Cheers, Keith

Edited: 31 Jan 2012, 6:57 p.m.

have you considered adding fuzzy dice, spinning hub caps, and a bobble headed dog?

Hey it's just an 18c ... saving all that for a 28S

with a shiny gold ENTER key sporting a diamond in the center?


I'm curious - Why..?

Why not? The parts were discovered by Bruce Larrabee - no one on this forum knew their purpose, but it was considered that they were designed to fit an 18c (or maybe a 19b) - I wanted to see what it might have looked like. Of course it could have been for an obscure calculator/device that was just an experiment (and just happened to use the same keyboard type as the clamshells).

I should also add that doing *anything* to a HP clamshell is almost impossible - Bruce has an amazing skill with these calculators. If anyone needs help with repairs to a 28s, 18c or 19b, then they should contact him. (sorry Bruce!) Cheers, Keith