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Full Version: Another bug in the HP15C LE manual
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In effect this is not a simple bug, since it originates from the original manual (page 53 of Feb. 83 edition).

At page 53 of the LE manual the Average tons of rice should read 6.20, instead of 6.40, being the result 6.202.

Since this mistake is also in the 1983 version, I suppose it was not corrected and simple OCRed into the new version, but I could complain about a missing verification...

My 2 cents for Felix Article.

Please, verify for yourself.


Edited: 29 Jan 2012, 6:02 a.m.

The value in the manual is correct, if the procedure on page 52 is included.

Oops, my mistake. Excuse me, all of you, HP included.

-- Antonio

(That's what happens when I don't read carefully; it seemed impossible to me there could be a mistake on the 1983 version; but my hurry in reporting this mistake overwhelmed me. Sorry again)

Edited: 31 Jan 2012, 2:24 a.m.