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Full Version: Congrats Dave! (Big HP Calc article in Oregonian newspaper)
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Woohoo Dave! Imagine the BIG surprise I had this morning as I opened today's Oregonian (Portland, OR) newspaper and found a picture of our Dave Hicks sitting in front of an HP9100 along with another picture of an HP 25C and another of an early T.I.M. (Time Is Money) adding machine!

The ariticle is titled "The Arithmetic of Love", and is the lead article on the cover of today's Living section. The story tells of Dave's early fascination with HP calculators (at age 13) and of his current collection of around 200-300 calculating devices.

Although the article can only touch the surface of various aspects of Dave's life and hobbies, it does mention calculator collectors (that would be "us") number in the thousands, and that Dave's website is one of Oregon's most visited. Wait-a-go Dave, the Oregonian, and to the rest of us for giving credence to this great hobby!

Matt (probably one of Dave's closest (HP collecting) neighbors (Beaverton, OR), with only 40-50 HP's :-)

GO TO: http://www.oregonlive.com/oregonian/index.ssf and navigate to the bottom-left corner of the page to access the article.

The article will probably only run today (Aug. 19, 2002)


Congratulations Dave !

I'm kind of surprised at the main photo that they used. I think that was right after I said "I feel like Burt Reynolds" ;-)

Hi Dave,

could you or someone else provide the photos?
I could read the article online at

D:\RPL\NEWS\Calculator Hicks' collection includes 200-300 machines.htm
but I didn't see any related pictures.

Many thanks in advance.



Steve Woodward said it was OK to post this.

Too bad the Oregonian didn't have this article in mid 1999,
when I was there in Corvallis.
I read that newspaper in my motel (because they put it on my room desk)
This was an easy way to switch off from the tasks during the whole day;-)

Many thanks again,


Try http://www.oregonlive.com/living/oregonian/index.ssf?/xml/story.ssf/html_standard.xsl?/base/living/102958535534612.xml

as a direct link to the article


I also opened my subscription copy of the Oregonian on Monday morning, and was pleasantly surprised to find the article. Several thousand hits a day on the site might not surprise me, what with its reference as a free source of info and pix for eBay auctions.

One of my co-workers, to whom I had mentioned my HP hobby, brought me the section from his paper, too. I suppose I could mail the extra copy of the article to the first one who asks...

Hi Karl,

if you still have the copy,
would you send it to me?

Thanks in advance.