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Full Version: HP raises MSRP on 15C LE
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Today I went to the HP Home & Home Office webstore, and observed that HP has raised the MSRP on the HP 15C LE from $99.99 to $179.99 ! I find it interesting that it's close to the same price currently listed by Samson Cables via eB@y. Given that they show it as being out of stock, I wonder if they are just signaling the secondary market that it is ok to charge more for it, since they will probably no longer be selling them directly. Well, so much to the idea of lowering the price. :<(

Edited: 28 Jan 2012, 12:24 p.m.

I've just bought a pair in France this week. Price for one piece was less than 100€ with shipping. Strange that it costs more in the US than in Europe.

I should be getting them in stock soon -- I have six 40-pound boxes scheduled for delivery next week!

Unfortunately, the price has indeed gone up at wholesale, and shipping costs have gone up, too. My supplier is not honoring the pre-order price, either, so I have to pay the new price for all of the calculators I ordered last fall.

This means that for the pre-orders I took last year that I will only now be able to ship, I will be losing an average of $10 per calculator (multiplied by the 90 calculators that were pre-ordered by my customers). Oh well, such is life.


Sorry to hear this. You are one of the few honest dealers out there, and now you are being punished for your honesty. I think the whole way this thing has played out really sucks, and ultimately reflects badly on HP for the short-sighted manner in which they have marketed this item.

Seems to be profiteering by HP since the HP12c is still selling for $69.99. Both of these devices are ARM processor based. There's nothing uniquely different between the two since the display, keyboard and internals are essentially the same. This signals that HP has turned a very bad corner in their corporate direction leaving a legacy of recent poor management and bad marketing decisions.

Strangely, it's still listed as $99.99 in the HP Small and Medium Business Store. I placed my order there on January 19 and it's apparently in limbo, though, so who knows?

The S&MB store accepts orders even when it is not in stock. It can take weeks, even months sometimes to receive your order.

Edited: 29 Jan 2012, 10:26 a.m.

No, that's what makes me wonder. It was (and still is, I think) listed as in stock but it's been ten days now. It shows as ordered but not yet shipped. I suppose I should give them a call... .

The S&MB store accepts orders even when it is not in stock. It can take weeks, even months sometimes to receive your order.

Ah, thanks. Well I suppose I'll just let it stand and (I hope) get it eventually for what now seems to be a pretty decent price.

At this point you don't have any other options so good luck.