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Full Version: Is a new model of the HP-50G available???
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I saw this on Facebook a few minutes ago. The guy who made the posting (in Spanish) said that it had a blue casing and a color display! Can we get a comment from any of the HP insiders? I'm quite excited about this if true as the 50G is my favourite calculator.

blue casing as shown in the picture: Yes

Color display?: No

Googling yields this:

HP 50g Blue
Product no.: NW240AA#B17

Blue and White Colour Scheme

The Blue HP50g is back!

After some time without stocks, we have located several lots of this calculator model. Its lively colours are outstanding when compared with the professional but boring black. No more questions in class about whose is the calculator - the blue is yours!

Equal to the black model in everything but colour.

Only available in Spanish-Portuguese (starting guide - the computer as such is in english as the rest of HP50g)


Thanks Guys! :)