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Full Version: Latest update for Clonix & NoV's modules (includes DISASM patch for 41CL)
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Hi all,

A new .ZIP archive including several updates is now available at Clonix home page.

Update record:

- NoVRAM & NoV-32 modules are now fully compatible with 41CL and both include the Crash Recovery Function (CRF) inherited from NoV-64. See NoV-64 manual for details on this function.

- Minor changes to NoV-64 manual.

- RAM erasing utilities for NoV's (CLR_RAMn) have been upgraded in order to prevent erratic behavior due to low battery. Now they run faster and more reliabily even with low battery voltages including USB power cable (5v.) as described in this post.

Thanks to Ángel for his patience and helpful test and comments while investigating for this upgrade.

- Patched HEPAX image (fourth bank) to prevent it from switching OFF the HP-41CL when executing DISASM command. This patch is automatically included in NoVRAM, NoV-32 and NoV-64 when configured with ClonixConfig.exe utility, and does not affect DISASM command execution on standard 41's (C/CV/CX)

Thanks to Monte for the patch.

All the best from Dominican Republic.


Edited: 24 Jan 2012, 11:58 p.m.

Hi Diego,

Thank you very much for this update. Both Clonix-D and NoV-64 are great additions and indispensable tools to my beloved 41CL and HP-41 to unlock their potential and learn so much more. Very much appreciated.

Happy New Lunar Year!


Edited: 25 Jan 2012, 12:38 a.m.

Thank you Kerem,

It's also great to have such positive feedbacks... ;-)

Enjoy your 41 system.



Thank you very much Diego for the, usual, excellent "service" you provide.



¡Muchas gracias por tus esfuerzos!


It´s even better than Diego makes it sound: the page4 library worls like a charm, so no need to have a CL or MLDL to get into the cutting-edge 41C MCODE, state of the art!


So, no conflict between the #4 Lib and the NoV modules use of address h4100?

Certainly not Geir... :-)

Ángel was so kind to allow a "NoV-gap" in the H'41xx address range so no conflict will arise.

Best from the Caribbean Sea.


Thanks for your kind words (also in Spanish: Gracias por vuestros amables comentarios... ;-)

My pleasure.


Updated my NoV-64. Works like a charm. Thanks!