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Full Version: go67c loss of data
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Hi Olivier,

It seems that sometimes go67c just looses its state - the current card with all its lables is gone... it cannot reproduce on demand, but it seems that the problem happens sometimes after lauching go34c and then switching to go67c. Do you have an idea ?

Thanks and cheers,



It's actually normal, only the card (and the pack) is gone, normally, the memory of the calc is restored and the pack was saved.

If you reopen the pack, the card is ok and was saved with the last data written to it.

It's due to the fact that android never tell you when you app will be killed for real. You know when you loose the focus (then i can save calc state and pack if needed) but that's basically all.

Android choosing to kill go67c after launching go34c is a coincidence :) it's just means that there were not enough free mem and the system choose to kill go67c.

So the next launch was a complete reload (and I choose not to save the inserted card and the currently opened pack). If it wasn't killed this will be just a re start with all the state still in mem so with the pack and card loaded

With a real 67 you loose all :( this one keep memory but close your packs, that's all :)

Perhaps I will change that ...


i tried "save as" for the first time... and the app crashed !! any clue ?

You were right, there was a bug in the save/load state behavior.
Corrected in 1.0.3, should now save/reload full state (card pack and slot-card)


Thanks Olivier ! seems to work fine now.
Btw, a few issues with go41cx:

-Is the R/S key on long touch for some cases ? if you try CAT 2, then R/S to interrupt, it only interrupts if the press on the R/S key is long...

-if you use SHIFT + ON to start the clock, the seconds starts to move only after waiting for a while...

-when you launch the app it displays a lot of messages about the modules loaded, a bit ennoying.

-I put the Advantage, the CCD modified, the Sandmath-II and the 41Z modules in. A bit strange is that the menu structure has change, it is not port 1 2 3 4 in order, but the "Settings entry" is in the middle (between port 1 and 2). Is it normal ?

Thanks and cheers,


- For the R/S key, yes you have to maintain it to register it, it's not a long touch, it's like that ... even to stop a program, sometime you have to maintain it (perhaps a bug in the key scanner)

- shit-on is difficult, it start a 0.01 sec alarm to initiate the display, then a 1 sec to make it change. timer code need more polishing I know.

- clock display blink, yes it's a bug : on a real HP, when you shut off the lcd it's not immediate, there is a fade out delay. Not in the emulation, off is off too fast.

- same for clock: after a master clear, to really start the clock, use 'TIME' function, you will see that it start at that moment.

- the messages can be suppressed, no problem with a settings later.

- the layout of the menu is done by android, if the names are a bit long, it rearrange automatically the display ...