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Full Version: CL_UTILS 2H now available - Library#4 is next.
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A new revision of CL-Utils is now available, as well as an updated manual with more examples and details on the operation.

Will be sumbmitted to TOS, and hopefully also the CL home page.

This is the last version on the "regular" platform (barring bug fixing, which so far it's clean). From now on the development has been transfered to the "LIBRARY #4" project - using a slient library located on page#4 - not as a take-over but as a "silent companion" instead.

Library#4 works great on V41, the CL, Clonix and the MLDL2k.

Obvious advantages are code consolidation, more robust and maintainable, easier to enhance, shared by many other plug-in ROMS, freeing space for additional functions. Can you ask for more?

Only drawback is: can´t have a disabled IL-Printer on the system. If you can live with that minor glitch (barely counts for me) then this is your next step as well.


What's the difference between 2G and 2H?

Many and diverse, but as the proverbial line goes... you´ve got mail

Cheers, ÁM