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The above is his listing for a TI 59 and printer. Note the paper does not go all the way across the print window. I took this picture last week on my kitchen table.

Here is my original auction listing. Note that the pictures are the same!


Oh well!


at least he sort of mentions that he 'borrowed' the picture;-)

Here in Germany I sometimes see pictures from the museum in eBay auctions, too.
Some of the ellers add a link to here, others don't.

I asked some of the sellers if the photos showed their actual calcs.
Only one of them answered my request, and stated that it was taken from here.

If I were the owner of those pictures, and didn't want them to be borrowed w/o permission or at least a suitable link, I'd place a huge watermark across the whole photo.
Only those people who buy the museum CD would get pictures w/o the watermark.
The small MoHPC logo on the edge of a picture isn't enough.
As can be seen many times, it'll simply cut off...



yes, not quite the full "thief" as i thought at first. i emailed him and he quickly apologozed and added the note.