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Full Version: A Very Early HP Calculator Connection
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From back in 1954, in this ad.


--- Les


My late father used to work for a local import company that sold Monroe calculators (those that did not need electrical power as well as those that did) in Iraq. He did such a good job that he outsold NCR calculators. he kept one of the top of the line electrical Monroe calculator in his office decades later. I used to play with that machine, before I got my hand of an electronic calculator.

And the world being small, here is an interesting connection. My father's boss at the import company was a Turkish businessman who set up shop in Iraq in the fifties. Around 1960, he moved to Paris, where his daughter married (the now late) French director Claude Berri. Claude's son, Thomas Langmann (named after Thomas, my dad's boss) is the producer of the hit new (and silent) movie "The Artist" that was honored in the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday. It's a small world!

I went straight to the "sexuality" section, much more interesting !!