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Full Version: strange classic power supply (pics)
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ciao a tutti,

last weekend I was sorting out few things in my collection, and I have found out this power supply.

Is quite different from all the others I have, mostly for the shape, and the fact that is only 110 Volts makes me think is quite old.

Has anyone ever seen it before ?

Thanks for your comments, Alberto

That is the North American version of the charger used by the "Classics". My 35 has one that is identical to the one in your picture.

a good example of an ugly industrial design. are those cooling fins (the six projections at the top)?

Plastic cooling fins ?

There are some advantages. Up to 40% lighter, no antenna effect for reduced emi. This is from the Cool Shield website.

Thermal Magic Technology releases its new aluminum-plastic lamp cup, whose weight is lesser and cost is lower compared to aluminum lamp cup.Based on the results of experiments, the average temperature of aluminum-plastic cooling fin is six degrees Celsius lower than that of aluminum cooling pin. Quote from a Taiwan light show.