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Full Version: GETROM doubt
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When I load a rom using HP ILPer and GETROM, recorded using saverom. How do I access this ROM on my HP-41CL?

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What does the word "doubt" mean in the heading?

Als ich ein ROM mit HP ILPer und GETROM, aufgenommen mit saverom laden. Wie greife ich auf dieses ROM auf meinem HP-41CL?

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It's the same as with SAVEROM: (Target) page number in X, mass storage filename in Alpha.

You only have to make sure that the page number contains RAM, but that should be described in the 41CL manual;-)

So if you previously stored a ROM file on tape with Alpha containing "ND1",

and now want to get that ROM back into the calc, put ND1 into Alpha, the wanted page number into X, and XEQ GETROM .

Before testing in 41cl, I tested the emu41 (Page 8 Module 4k) but he did not appear in catalog 2.

Command: 8 in X 'TEST' in Alpha getrom (no error)

my config (EMU41)

; emu41.ini emu41 init file

; page size filename
0 12 rom41cx.bin
3 4 cxfcn2d.bin
5 8 cxtime2c.bin
6 4 prter1e.bin
7 4 hpil1h.bin
; ------------


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You'll find an example procedure in Geoff's quick ref guide (CLONIX is used there, but the procedure is similar). Grab it here.

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Your Emu41 config doesn't include a "RAM" page at address 8 .

so the target page wasn't prepared to accept a ROM image download.

You'll have to include a line like


into Emu41.ini , and after a restart of Emu41 there will be a RAM page at address 8.

Please take a look into Emu41.doc for more details.

Once the above config is active, your GETROM of 'TEST' to page 8 should work;-)

thank's all