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Full Version: LiPo rechargable for 41 pack rebuilding?
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Has anyone thought about using a small 2S LiPo battery pack for rebuilding an 82120A? A quick search found a small 120 mAh 7.4V pack (E-flite EFLB1202S20) that should fit with room to spare (30mm x 20mm x 9mm). It would need 3 diodes inline to drop the voltage to the calculator, and it looks like the standard LiPo charging connector might fit in the recharger connection opening.

There was a discussion about using LiPo batteries on this forum.

Google is your friend, e.g., search for:

82120a lipo site:hpmuseum.org

Doh! I only looked in the article section. I think using a 2 cell LiPo pack with voltage dropping diodes should work fine. I'll have a look at running a bench top test before going to the effort of retrofitting an old nicad pack case.