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Full Version: OT: TI-88 not Y2K compliant (!)
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For the interested reader:

I received today the two TI-88's - they were manufactured in April (left) and May 1982. You might notice a few differences with the keyboard lettering:

The calculator software speaks three languages: English, German and French:

The calculator is not Y2K compliant, it insists to set the Day of Week today, January 9th, 2012 (a Monday on my calendar) on Sunday:

So long,

Thanks for sharing these details and the nice pictures of one of the rarest calculators. You may be able also to take a picture of 3 TI-88 side-by-side which could set a record for many years (or centuries...) to come


If you attend any HHC conference in the futures (and I sure hope you do), please please please bring at least one of these TI-88 calculators with you. It would be nice to see how they are programmed.


It would be nice to see how they are programmed.


There's an example here, courtesy of Viktor Toth.



Quote from the site linked by Gerson:

"Date and time, you ask? Yes, the TI-88 has a built-in clock and calendar. For the curious: the TI-88 is Y2K compatible. Interestingly, it contains no perpetual calendar that would allow it to compute the day of the week automatically; instead, it must be entered, in addition to the date."

Perhaps there is a workaround to choose the day of the week.


Edited: 10 Jan 2012, 11:46 a.m.

Today in Dallas, TX:

"I'll file a defect report about the Y2K issue tomorrow, although I doubt a software fix will be forthcoming."

I'll keep ypu posted.


For the record...



I will and I will ;-))
I planned for 2011 but had to be in Las Vegas (Pack Expo) to setup a product that we developed for an Australian based customer.


It would be nice to see how they are programmed.

You can find more information on programming including a sample program written by Maurice Swinnen in V7N7/8 and V7N9 of TI PPC Notes which are available at Viktor's site.

At one time I had a draft copy of the manual. I think I gave it to Gene Wright but I admit that my memory plays tricks on me these days. If Gene tells me that he doesn't have it I will search my files.