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Full Version: Custom Made Leather Cases for Voyager Calculators
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A while ago someone was asking for a defective Voyager calculator in the ads section. The reason was that he wanted to commission Gfeller Casemakers to produce a custom made leather case for his Voyager calculator, and obviously, he didn't wanted to give away his own. As I had a defective 12C I sent it to him, and he offered to return the favor by sending me such a leather case. Well, that made me quite happy! :-)

Last week, I found a letter from the US in my mailbox. I was amazed when I found two leather cases inside! The cases are professionally hand-crafted, look very nice and will last forever I guess. One of the cases uses a thicker leather, the other a thinner one. In my opinion the thinner case looks more elegant whereas the thicker case provides better protection. Therefore I would choose the thinner case for calculators residing at one location (at home, in the office), and choose the thicker case when I take a calculator around with me in my backpack.

If anybody is interested in such leather cases you may contact: Steve Derricott (sd@gfeller.us) at Gfeller Casemakers. I'm not affiliated with this company in any way. I can imagine that such cases are not cheap, but as the company says on their website, leather goods are a solid choice and a wise investment, and in my opinion, they suit HP calculators very well.

Looks pretty nice. As I keep my new (1rst stringer) 15C LE in my shirt pocket everyday at work I may have to get one of these.

Years back, before I was even out of school (2006 EE grad...) I thought I saw a link on the HP website that sold fancy calculator cases for the Voyager series. They had some crazy cases that were probably more for show than for actual protection. Some of the cases they had on their website were made of leather, snakeskin, ostrich skin. They were expensive(25-60ish?) but I thought one day I would buy one. I haven't been able to find that link since I last saw it back probably in 2005.

fashion-wise, the tan colour is god awful. perhaps black leather is better match.

Yes tan is bland, but it would shoe polish a nice rustic brown, which I prefer over black. Black leather might as well be Naugahyde (vinyl for you post 70's people).

Of course that is a personal choice!

I checked the site and a personal email is required as this is not in the catalogue.


p.s. all spelling mistakes are the province of my IPAD "spell check an erroneous substitution" program.

I checked the site and a personal email is required as this is not in the catalogue.

Yes, not an official product, just contact Steve Derricott: sd@gfeller.us.

p.s. all spelling mistakes are the province of my IPAD "spell check an erroneous substitution" program.

Disable the spell checker. However, be aware that you cannot put the blame on the iPad anymore ;-)

But that is why I uze spill chicker!

It's all about deniability.


It's all about deniability.

Aaaahh, that river in Egypt, right??


That's the danubability!

And it is in euripides


I managed to convince a boot maker friend to make some custom cases for the 42S and 32Sii as a special favour to me:


Made out of nice thick buffalo hide & yes the photographs don't even remotely do these justice. They are far more protective than the alligator leather ones I bought off eBay and as good or better than the real cases.

I know adverts are naughty here, but if anyone wants something like this as a special one off, message me. I might be able to convince him to make some more (or perhaps my eldest daughter -- who is also interested in leather work could make some). Absolutely no promises here however -- I've asked neither of them if they are willing or not.

- Pauli