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Full Version: For those in UK: 15C LE available for pre-order at Sleath's
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The 15C LE is available in the UK for pre-order at WF Sleath's @ £89.95 inc. VAT with expected availability mid-January.

Sleath's HP15C Scientific Calculator (Limited Edition)

That's about $140 USD, which is about what it would cost to have a friend in the USA get one for MSRP and ship it to the UK. How does VAT compare with import duty tax ?

Any item (even a gift) coming into the UK is subject to both duty and VAT, see

HM Revenue & Customs: Tax on goods ordered from overseas.
Don't forget to include the £8 or so that Parcelforce/RM will charge for admin fee to collect the tax on behalf of HMRC.
the fees i paid on my original 15C LE & 12C 30th ed.

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So basically, it is cheaper for you to buy it directly in the UK.

I bought from SC in September when their price was $99.99. Tracked shipping added $40, and UK VAT and handling added £29.47, so my total cost was around £120 at the then exchange rate.
There's also the warranty issue, one hopes the key problems will not recur but had my unit suffered from faulty keys, I'd have had a dilemma whether to spend more money on trans-Atlantic postage or not.

Thanks for the tip - I was wondering whether any UK retailer would offer the 15C LE.
Although Sleath's are a mail order company, they have in the past (by prior arrangement) let me collect a calculator from their east London office (and pay for it on the spot), to avoid having to get it delivered to a work address.

I purchased both the 15C LE and 12C 30th ed. as I figured this was the most cost-effective (and I wanted both anyway). The combined purchase price in £ was just below the Duty threshold of £135, so just VAT was payable on the price & postage. Total with all costs was just under £180, i.e. £90 each. So Sleath's 15C LE with cheapest postage is £92.30, is in that ball-park.

I've ordered one as a spare. We'll see how many actually get through and how many are put on TAS.


Funny thing is that the USA TAS is now flooded with listings for the 15C LE, and they are no longer selling, except at much reduced prices. All the fools who swept them up with the expectation of turning a quick profit are now stuck with unsold inventory. Samson has been trying for weeks now at $199.99 each, and has not sold a single one. I hope the greedy bastards get their just comeuppance.

I hope the greedy bastards get their just comeuppance.

In the dark, immortal words of Stewie Griffin (the precocious baby on "The Family Guy" show): "Mark my words -- someday, when you least expect it, your uppance will come!"

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I'm not affiliated in any way, but the Spanish "The Calculator Store" lists the HP-15C LE for € 109.90, VAT included. There's no additional VAT or import duties into the UK, just the shipping cost.