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Full Version: I had a dream - HP's next calculator
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Yes folks, I had a dream about the next calculator product from HP. It is a non-programmable business/scientific/statistics calculator with a nice segmented display and all functions on the keyboard. The nice clicky buttons are sloped like the 12c, 15c LE and 35s, so one shifted function is above the key and the other on the key slope to remove the clutter of both shifted functions above the key. It can work in both RPN and algebraic mode. It has an affordable MSRP of $30 USD. The model number of this fictional new calculator is HP 10sb.

Actually, except for the RPN part, that fictional calculator already exists in the HP 10bII+, which I've been playing with for a while, and am truly impressed with it's capabilities. It already has some of the trappings of an RPN machine, such as the INPUT key that functions as ENTER for two variable operations and a SWAP key that is effectively x<>y. All it needs is a full 4-level stack, roll down / roll up key, and a mode switch between RPN and Algebraic/Chain.

I had a dream.

Edited: 5 Jan 2012, 12:31 a.m.

The model number of this fictional new calculator is HP 10sb.

Good thing it's not the 10bs! :-)

If it doesn't have the solver of the 17b, then I don't want it.

I say take out the Algebraic, then you have a pure HP. HP manuals are tiresome to read when they have to explain both RPN and algebraic.

haha. That was intentional.

I was assuming that HP management would not be on board unless algebraic mode was retained. They have to pander to the ignorant masses who have yet to drink from the fountain of wisdom.

RPN is sooooo outdated. It would be madness to go down that path any longer.

We like RPN, but the world could care less and you know what? You'll never convince them it is better. So it should be dropped in the future.

Edited: 5 Jan 2012, 12:16 p.m.