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Full Version: HP 12C Prestige
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Hi all,
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I have a growing collection of 12C's (a subset of my larger HP collection - here: 12C collection ). I am really keen to get hold of a 12C Prestige - there has been some discussion on this forum previously HERE

It looks like it was only released in some countries - does anyone know how to get hold of one? Can anyone help me get one (i'm in Australia). Many thanks, Keith

Recently I noticed afew of them on TAS. However title says HP-12C#ABA AFAIK it is the part number for the current standard HP-12C with 2x2032 batteries. AFAIK the model number for the HP-12C Prestige is F2233A. However the photo is the photo of HP-12C Prestige with white face. Seller has not returned my questions about the clarification. If you search the TAS with HP-12C#ABA you will find a few sellers posting HP-12C Prestige (at least by photo).


I hope this helps.

It would be extremely helpful to new users not to use the term TAS. Just call it what it is: Ebay.

Hi Kerem, I also saw these and also asked a while ago - I got a response that they weren't the Prestige version. False advertising!


Not sure whether it is still available though.


Looks like it's not availabe anywhere:


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I believe the moderator doesn't mind you using ebay in your post as long as you identify your ebay handle. This was to discourage others from bad mouthing others without actually identifying your ebay name. I feel this is only fair and this simple rule is often abused and or overlooked.

ebay name: fysics

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Hi, Keith,

Please, drop me a message and I'll help you on this matter.
arturmariojr at gmail dot com