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Full Version: Coburlin Is No More!
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After discussions on this forum a few months ago about forum posters blocking him from bidding on their items, he no longer has any items for sale on eBay (TAS)!

But, wait! Who is this 'garbaco'? A new ebay member (11/1/11) already has 65 vintage HP calculating instruments and accessories, all at ridiculous Buy-It-Now prices and $5.95 or $9.95 shipping charges. And this seller is also from California! Perhaps this is a relation, one who shares the same genetic material with the 'big C'? Tricky, tricky, tricky!

So, for those who have blocked coburlin from bidding on their ebay items, you may wish to block his evil twin, garbaco, for the same reasons.

Yes, it's him. Same listings, word for word. Same photos. And of course same prices. As to his bidding on auctions, his bids were always totally lowball, so there was never any risk he'd win, unless you did a really bad job in the listing and nobody else noticed it. I don't sell on ebaby anymore, so it's a moot point.

But, wait! Who is this 'garbaco'?

Greedy avaricious reseller, buying antique calculators. Outrageous!

It's actually "garboco", but I still like the "garbaco" name better.

Edited: 22 Dec 2011, 9:24 p.m.

Before there was coburlin, there was burlin.

It's actually "garboco", but I still like the "garbaco" name better.

No problem. "Greedy avaricious reseller buying old calculators. Outrageous!"

Or "Garbage of coburlin

And just to prove that cobofoo is not the only one gouging out there:

time module for $299.00.

You are correct. I ask myself if including "co" to burlin or in the new handle is related to either the state of Colorado (I believe burlin was selling out of CO) or maybe his initials.


It´s a wild world out there - and one subject to the markets, we know what that means. Like in everything in life, knowledge protects from pitfalls (buyers beware!) and on the other hand, sellers... try to make a business - sometimes in the gray zones of what's reasonable and "fair".

As frustrating and unpleasant it feels to many of us, the truth is it's all perfectly legal of course - yet not everybody's modus operandi (profit to others expense?)- thank goodness for that.

That's why I start my auctions always at 1 EUR. Well, I didn't sold a TIME module for $299 but I always got, at least, a fair price. What is eBay without bidding? Just another boring store ...

Old news, actually... :-)
Heads-up from Nov, 2.

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