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Full Version: 15C back in stock at hp.com
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Get 'em while they're hot!

Wow, yeah. And BUY.COM has them again, but now they are $256.66 + shipping. Just got mine last week from BUY.COM for $94.95 with free shipping. What is up with this market?

Buy.com is out of stock. The ones selling for $256.66 (why such a random amount?) are being sold by Samson cable.

The resellers are buying all the available stock from Buy.com and HP and then listing them at a 300% markup. Hopefully HP gets the supply issue worked out and all the speculators get hosed.

What is up with this market?

Good old law of Supply and Demand. Demand is high and apparently supply is limited...

Got one! Almost didn't notice they were in stock, but have been checking their site daily for the last month or so.

Also, use coupon code SAVE15HP to get $15 off. Effective price will then be $84.99. Also, don't bother paying for expedited shipping, because standard free shipping is plenty quick IME. You will have to pay your state sales tax, however.

Glad you snagged one, Bill. Seems like "daily" checking isn't good enough with this crazy situation. To catch it, you probably need to either be lucky, or hit "refresh" on a web browser hourly, for days on end. Worth the effort, though, in my opinion.

I just ordered one -- Merry Christmas to me!

Also, having notified him of the fact, no less a techie than Steve Gibson (creator of of "SpinRite", among other things, at Gibson Research Corporation) celebrates the 15C's renewed availability via a Tweet and at the end of his most recent Security Now podcast.

He says his own favorite is the 11C, and from listening to earlier episodes of the show I understand he's got a half-dozen (!) of them in his refrigerator for long-term backup. (Smart guy!)

Edited: 21 Dec 2011, 9:03 p.m.

And they are back in stock at Buy.com as well, for $99.99 with Free Shipping. This ordering limit is now 1.