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Full Version: OT: Number Pad Watch Nerdier Than Calculator Watch?
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This is more generically nerdy than a calculator watch. However, for this crowd, I suspect it the latter would win out.

I recall someone (Eric Smith?) had a nixie tube watch at one of the HHCs. That thing was the very acme of nerddom.

I recall someone (Eric Smith?) had a nixie tube watch at one of the HHCs.

Was it Geoff?:

Geoff's nixie watch

Eric Smith wore one at HCC2009 and was responsible for me purchasing one for the sheer geekness of it!

I wore mine this last HCC.


That keypad has "nothing" over the Nixie watch, IMHO.

Can't argue with that. :)

Geoff, you wore your HP-01 this last HHC...you and Gene and I all did, and we were sitting right together. I'm sure I would have noticed a Nixie watch...

Dave, you are correct,

Call it jet lag, 31 hours up in a row by the time I keyed in the response in the hotel room, and then a beer (after we landed of course). Of course it was the HP01, it was my presentation that had the Nixie watch!

Geoff ;-)

Well nerds, it is?

Hardly. I argue that true nerdiness prioritizes function over fashion, and as this thing stands, it's all fashion, zero function.

(When I first saw the subject line and the images, I got the impression that it would be an actual wrist-mounted numeric keypad, and actually got excited. As a user of 10-keyless keyboards (to minimize the distance between the keys and the mouse) I really like the idea of plugging that thing into my computer and swinging over my dominant hand whenever I need to 10-key in some numbers. Geeky, yes, but geeky-cool in a curiously useful kind of way.)