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Full Version: HP 9826A HPL ROM board part number
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Can someone here confirm that 98261-66541 is the correct part number for an HPL ROM board for a 9826A?

It seems to be (and the part number "looks like" the part numbers for the BASIC boards), but the HP Computer Museum lists the part number for an HPL ROM board as "98604A"...

It is common for there to be two different numbers, a nnnnA number (four digits, one letter) for something ordered as a "product", and nnnnn-nnnnn (two groups of 5 digits, called a 5x5 part number), for something ordered as a service replacement part. It's entirely possible that both numbers you gave are for the same thing.

Thanks, Eric. The photo of the item seems to visually match the computer museum's photo, so that's probably the case.