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Full Version: The best way to order a 15C LE in German
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Dear forum memebers!

After having been informed that the 15C LE is on offer again on buy.com I decided to give myself a christmas present and would therefore like to order two 15C LE. However, buy.com does state in its shipment conditions that international shipping is not possible, which rules out placing a direct order there. Amazon.com would be another option which has the 15C LE on offer as well - but for 199$...

So what would be the best option for me to order the two LEs on my 'wishlist'? Would anybody here on the forum living in the US be willing to order two and send them to Germany by private shipping? I'm sure we can figure out a way to transfer the necessary money (PayPal, bank transfer,...).

Thanks for the help in advance and best regards,

From Eric Rechlin at www.hpcalc.org at $95 + shipping (go to his commerce site). Not in time for Christmas, but states back order to mid-January.

Another option is Samson Cables, but they're selling at $150 + shipping, stating new shipment due to arrive on 20 Dec.

Thanks a lot for the quick response, Bart!

I've ordered my 2 15Cs and will be patiently (more or less) awaiting delivery.

I knew right away that the calcs would not make it to Garmany in time to land under the christmas tree - but my birthday is in late January, so it would be a bit of a late christmas and birthday present... ;)

Kind regards,


It's scheduled to arrive to Europe 2nd half of January.