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Full Version: HP SMB 15C LE ship date
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Just got a notice from HP SMB: calcs should ship by December 22nd!

Hopefully the 3 month delay was productive.

I guessed I missed something... So the limited edition calculator is getting another run? I guess it's really not that limited?

I think its more of a "lets-try-this-again" attempt by HP, as i think initially they silently recalled it. That's just my take though and i could be completely wrong.

I think this is the boat shipment we have all been waiting for. My own guess is that these machines will have the same firmware as the ones flown, a few months ago, to the US.


Recalled? I hadn't heard that anywhere. I got one from the initial batch, but I've never gotten around to opening it. All my calcs have been packed up since I moved.

I'd recommend that you run the keyboard self-test on it to make sure you don't have a defective keyboard. You should be able to get it replaced under warranty if you have a defective unit.

Namir, I think you are right. If that's true, the keyboard issue will still be resident in some 11% or so of the units. I have not had a faulty one yet, but I didn't buy very many.

It only takes a few weeks for boats to get here from China, at the absolute most (giving time for slow dock workers to sit on the containers for a while), so I would think that this wasn't simply the shipment that was sent back in September.


I bet you're right. Also, I bet the LE numbers will begin with "1" and the serial / batch numbers will indicate manufacture date in October.

And they're here! CNA132094S (#00446) and CNA132094H (#00296). Both have 2011-04-15 firmware. No printed self test addendum to the manual and no tape seal on the clear outer box. Keys feel fine. The f and g keys show the slight misalignment.

These are from an HP SMB order placed around 9/26.